After School Program

At PlayThrive After School, we educate the whole child in a bilingual Mandarin-English environment. We are here to complement your child’s educational experience with explorative play, social emotional learning and project based learning. We believe in a student-centered approach where children are active participants in their own education and are self-motivated by their passions. Here, children are empowered to learn about themselves, others, and the tools to shape the world.


  • Open to Kindergarten to 2nd grade students
  • Kindergarten class: 1:30 to 6 PM, Grade 1/2 combo class: 2:30 to 6 PM
  • Thursdays and all other minimum days (John Gill schedule): 12:30 to 6 PM
  • Located at John Gill Elementary, 555 Avenue Del Ora, RWC
  • Parents responsible for transportation if outside of John Gill
  • Hands-on, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) – focused curriculum
  • Low teacher-student ratio
  • Assistance in both English and Mandarin homework
  • In-depth thematic projects
  • Student choice of activities such as music, art, stories, nature, science, maker lab, weaving, kung-fu, math and games


  • Hands-on and meaningful
  • Developmentally-based
  • Student-centered
  • Social emotional matters


We find teachers that enjoy playing with children, love being surprised by their endless creativity, and trust every student has the superpower to find answers.

We believe our teachers are amazing people that can tackle challenges with solutions that have never been imagined.

We support our teachers with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow together:

  • Weekly teacher support group
  • Monthly rotation to ‘be a student’ in other classrooms
  • Monthly internal training
  • Annual Social Emotional Learning workshop at Responsive Classroom


Our curriculum follows the rhythm of nature, Chinese cultural events, and student interests. The curriculum is delivered in Mandarin following the language progress of the John Gill Mandarin Immersion program. The three fundamental elements of PlayThrive’s curriculum are:

  • Thematic Projects – We ask questions such as “How might we make a photo booth celebrating the Moon Festival?”, “How does a spider weave a web?”, “Where does life come from?” and get busy with the students to find answers, or more questions!
  • CHOICE Activities – Each of our multi-talented teaching staff brings a passion or two to share with all the students. Chess, origami, story time, rainbow loom, playing tag, or maker projects are a few examples. We also invite subject teachers such as music, kung-fu and hand drum. Three times a week, students get to dive deep or try something new from 4 to 6 activity offerings in a small, multi-age class setting.
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) – On the playground, in daily meetings, as well as throughout the entire afternoon at PlayThrive, we help children to challenge what they know about themselves and others. They will learn how to make friends, how to be a good friend, and how to be on their own.