What is the tuition and payment policy?

What is the enrollment process?

How many spaces are available?

Every new school year there are 28 spaces available for kindergarten. Spaces for upper grades are determined in April/May before the new school year.

Is there a waitlist?

Yes. If all spaces are filled, we will form a waitlist. Full-time and part-time waitlists are separately  maintained.

What is the priority for enrollment?

Enrollment preference will be given to students who are

  1. Re-enrolling for PlayThrive School
  2. Siblings of students enrolled at PlayThrive School
  3. Concurrently enrolled in the Orion MI program and attending PlayThrive School full time (5 days a week)
  4. Concurrently enrolled in the Orion MI program and attending part time (3 days a week)
  5. Concurrently enrolled in the Orion Alternative program and attending full time (5 days a week)
  6. Concurrently enrolled in the Orion Alternative program and attending part time (3 days a week)

Can students attending other schools outside of Orion School enroll at PlayThrive School?

No. At this time, only students concurrently enrolled at Orion School (English or Mandarin Immersion programs) may enroll at PlayThrive School.

Are traditional or simplified characters taught?

Simplified characters will be presented with traditional characters alongside, e.g. a sign will be written with simplified characters along with traditional characters beside it.

Supplemental materials, e.g. books, posters will be a mix, depending on what we can source.

What level of Mandarin speaking proficiency is expected of students?

Our program is designed to accompany students of all Mandarin speaking proficiency. However, students with no Mandarin speaking experience whatsoever are only accepted at the Kindergarten or first grade age level.

How much Mandarin is spoken by teachers in the program?

All PlayThrive’s classroom teachers interact with children in the teacher’s native language (English or Mandarin). Mandarin-speaking teachers will gently encourage students to respond in Mandarin and speak fully in Mandarin except in these two situations:

  1. Assisting with the English portion of homework
  2. Teaching Social Emotional Learning and conflict resolution to children less proficient in Mandarin.  As a student’s Mandarin ability progresses, more and more Mandarin words will be used in SEL and mediation of conflicts.

What is the teacher:child ratio?

We aim to provide a ratio of 1:10 in Kindergarten and 1:15 in Grades 1+.

What credentials will teachers have?

Our top priorities in hiring teachers are: elementary age teaching experience, personality (caring, playful, humorous), good Social-Emotional skills, and Mandarin fluency.  

Credentials are valuable but demonstrable skills in caring for and interacting with children are more important. Please share the news about hiring with anyone who might be interested!

Is before school care available?

PlayThrive School does not offer before school care, however the following options are available.

  • Early drop-off at Orion (free): students can be dropped off from 7:45am but they must go to the cafeteria for supervision. Please check the Orion website for details.
  • CDI-CDC (tuition): Offers before-school care starting from 6:30am.  Please contact CDC for the current rates.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please email contact@playthrive.org if you have questions.

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