Mandarin Curriculum

PlayThrive 的孩子如何學中文 / How Children Learn at PlayThrive

Language Learning

Our program is designed to accompany students of all Mandarin speaking proficiency.  All teachers can speak English, and those that are Mandarin-speaking take training to speak Mandarin to children who have as little as zero Mandarin speaking experience.

All PlayThrive’s classroom teachers interact with children in the teacher’s native language (English or Mandarin). Mandarin-speaking teachers will gently encourage students to respond in Mandarin and speak fully in Mandarin except in these two situations:

  1. Assisting with the English portion of homework
  2. Teaching Social Emotional Learning and conflict resolution to children less proficient in Mandarin.  As a student’s Mandarin ability progresses, more and more Mandarin words will be used in SEL and mediation of conflicts.



我们每天唱歌,跳舞,玩游戏,分享健康点心,使用各式工具.孩子重复听到看到用到熟悉的中文字词, 这个印像比什么都深刻.

Immersion Learning

Everyday we sing, dance, play games, share healthy snacks, and use various tools. In this way, students repetitively hear, see, and use familiar words from daily life activities in Mandarin.


我们折纸飞机,做爆米花,在万圣节前假扮蜘蛛及讨论他们五官感觉,春天时我们使用回收素材建造精灵村庄并跟孩子聊创作过程和社区角色。孩子自主快乐参与,学的快记得牢。这些精心设计的PlayThrive课程跟着John Gill中文沉浸课程的步调前进,让孩子们一边玩, ㄧ边复习活用 JGMI 教科书“ BetterChinese ”里的单字。

Interest-Led Learning

We fold paper airplanes and make popcorn. When it’s Halloween, we pretend to be spiders and discuss their 5 senses. In springtime, we build a fairy village with recycled materials, learn about the creative process, and discuss the different roles in a village community. We design fun seasonal projects that follow the pace of Orion’s Mandarin Immersion Program. While playing, students review and use the vocabulary from the “BetterChinese” text book.


老师每周会把孩子的生活点滴和心情故事以浅显的中文写下,与大家分享。孩子们还关心什么事呢?不外乎如何自处以及如何与朋友往来吧!老师会引领学生想一想遇到困难时要怎么办, 朋友伤心时可以做什么说什么,遇到暴凌时要怎么办,再用中文及英文写下大家的好主意, 张贴提醒。

Meaningful Learning

Children are encouraged to share stories from home and from school. Teachers write down the stories’ key words in Chinese to share with the class. What is meaningful in a child’s world? Oneself and friends are where we start the conversation. Teachers lead the class to brainstorm on topics such as “How can you be a good friend?”, “What to say when a friend is sad?”, “What to do when bullying happens?”, and “What to do when things get hard?” Ideas from the class are written down in both Mandarin and English to post on the wall for everyone to practice.

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