Our Teachers

Karen has 4 years of experience bringing fun activities to children while facilitating language acquisition.  She is passionate about building a positive learning community in Redwood City where children can strengthen Mandarin language skills while exploring their interests.  With 10 years of experience as a software engineer and a love of nature and arts, she also enjoys bringing S.T.E.A.M. to PlayThrive.  In raising a trilingual family, Karen knows firsthand about the benefits of an immersion environment. She has a boy and a girl attending PlayThrive.

Hsing was an elementary school teacher in Taiwan. From 10 years of experience teaching Mandarin at a private bilingual school in the Bay Area, she believes an immersion program is a natural way for kids to learn other languages. She enjoys getting to know and connecting with kids through doing things together. Her philosophy with language learning is not to be afraid to make mistakes, because we learn from mistakes. By fostering this kind of environment, kids build up the confidence to grasp a new language and use it right away.

Kelly moved to California five years ago from Taiwan. Mandarin is the first of three languages that she speaks. She has two years of teaching assistance experience and over ten years of of graphic design experience in her home country of Taiwan. She is an artsy girl and great with graphics. Her passion is to put pretty things together. She is very outgoing, friendly, and cares deeply about children’s growth and development. She wants to make connections between Chinese and English; in addition, she enjoys working with students from different backgrounds and encouraging discussion and conversation in a variety of topics.

Joyce has been a teacher in China since 2012. After coming to the United States, she received a Masters Degree in Teaching from University of Southern California and a Child Development Site Supervisor Permit. She has various teaching experiences in public, private, preschool and after school programs with children aged from 2 to 17. She is passionate in working with families and coworkers to build a nurturing community where children can feel free to explore, create, and learn Chinese culture.

Jingxi moved to California after finishing graduate school. She has practiced Mandarin and English teaching for three years in both US and mainland China, helping her become an effective bilingual communicator. Every day is different in her role as a teacher and it is never boring! She loves designing leading activities, challenging and supporting students to be the best they can be. She specializes in the scaffolding learning process and has experience with task-based and project-based language teaching. Her passion is in arts and literature, and she would like to take opportunities to embed these elements in the program to create an exciting and stimulating classroom environment.

Vivian moved to California two years ago from Shanghai. She worked for Fortune 500 companies as a corporate communications manager in China for 12 years. Apart from her communications professionalism, she loves working with children. The journey of her passion started with her involvement with several “Hope School” projects in China 10 years ago. She has always known that she wanted to become an educator someday. Not only because she loves working with children, but because she want to make a difference in someone’s life, the same way that so many others made a difference in hers. Additionally, she sponsored a child in Yunnan Province, China and helped her finish middle school and high school. In her spare time, as a volunteer, she has worked with many children and youth in different settings and projects. She loves supporting each child in their path and always strive to give them the care and resource necessary for their growth.

Aiwen has been teaching art for K-12 since 2015 at private art schools in the Bay Area.
She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University.
She earned numerous academic and art awards as well as a partial scholarship during
college. She is passionate about combining art, science, math, and more while teaching
Mandarin. She believes that a positive learning environment and appropriate challenges
that connect with students’ interests can encourage students academic learning,
support brain development, and foster creativity. Aiwen immigrated to the United States
20 years ago. She has consistently volunteered at elementary schools and middle
school for more than a decade. She enjoys working with children and loves to see them
get inspired, have fun, and learn at the same time.

Yingxin moved to California after obtaining her master’s degree in education. She has worked with children since 2016 in China and has various teaching experiences in language schools, after school programs, and one-on-one tutoring with children aged from 6 to 18. She has great passion in teaching. She believes that being a teacher is not just a personal career, but is a position which bears a great responsibility to bridge the communication of different people from different cultural backgrounds across the globe. She is open to any changes during her professional development in teaching and committed to a student-centered and communicative classroom in which students learn to be problem-solvers by helping to facilitate their own learning through scaffolded lessons, group work, and reflection.

Yuqing has solid academic background in Chinese Language and Literature and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She is pretty sure that teaching Mandarin is the thing she wants to devote her life to and the career which can bring joy and sense of achievement for her. Her four years of experience teaching Mandarin in an elementary school, secondary school, university and company in China and the United States demonstrates that she can successfully adapt her teaching to various settings and audiences. She loves working with children and she enjoys every single second being with them. Based on her teaching experience, she is always more like a friend to her students than a teacher, and she firmly believes that the process of teaching is more like inspiring, and the protagonists in the class should always be the students.