At PlayThrive School, (游艺中文学校), we educate the whole child in a Mandarin Immersion environment via project based learning, social emotional learning, and explorative play. We believe in a student-centered approach where children are active participants in their own education and are self-motivated by their passions. Here, children are empowered to learn about themselves, others, and the tools to shape the world.

Our Mandarin Education engages students to explore our world with focuses on nature, science, art and Chinese culture while increasing language proficiency to target Hanban YCT levels.  We facilitate children to use their innate sense of wonder to explore and to create.  We help students use the Mandarin language as a tool to engage in activities, construct knowledge, ask questions, describe progress, and present projects. 

PlayThrive School for Mandarin Whole Child Education

  • Open to Kindergarten to 5th grade students 
  • Open on all RCSD school days
  • Low teacher-student ratio for a quality Mandarin immersion experience
  • Prepare students to achieve YCT Mandarin levels 1-3
  • Project-based, Hands-on and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) focused curriculum
  • Student choice of activities such as music, art, stories, maker lab, weaving, kung-fu, math and games


  • Hands-on and meaningful
  • Student-centered
  • Social emotional matters


We find teachers that not only are professional at teaching the Mandarin language, but also enjoy playing with children, love being surprised by their endless creativity, and trust every student has the superpower to find answers.

We believe our teachers are amazing people that can tackle challenges with solutions that have never been imagined.

We support our teachers with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow together:

  • Weekly teacher support group
  • Monthly rotation to ‘be a student’ in other classrooms
  • Monthly internal training
  • Annual Social Emotional Learning workshop at Responsive Classroom


PlayThrive programs are designed to encourage curiosity and expressions while leading students to achieve targeted Mandarin levels. The curriculum, outdoor and classroom environments invite children to explore and take an active role in their learning. Our curriculum covers topics in culture, arts, science, social and emotional learning, and caring about our world. 

At PlayThrive, children learn:

  • Social Emotional Skills – PlayThrive teachers are on the lookout for opportunities throughout the day to help children to learn more about themselves and others, and practice skills for managing their emotions and interacting with their peers.
  • Mandarin Language – The classroom projects, study circles and CHOICE activities are all part of the Mandarin curriculum developed to meet YCT Mandarin learning objectives.  Additionally, each grade class follows the language progress of the Orion Mandarin Immersion program. 

Our curriculum topics ranging from Chinese cultural events, nature, SEL, and topics that the students find intriguing.

The curriculum is delivered via Mandarin-immersion sessions of:

  • Project-based Learning Lessons – We ask questions such as “How can we stay healthy?”, “What if I live on the Moon?”, “How do people prepare for Chinese New Year 100 years ago vs. now?” and get busy with the students to find answers, or more questions!
  • Study Circles – Focus sessions to help strengthening MI and PlayThrive vocabulary and expressions.
  • CHOICE Activities – Each of our multi-talented teaching staff brings a passion or two to share with all the students. Chess, origami, story time, clay, nature, or maker projects are a few examples. Students get to dive deep or try something new in a small, multi-age class setting.
  • Daily Routines – Especially in the younger grades, students build fundamental Mandarin vocabulary through daily routines such as greetings, snack routines, reviewing game rules…etc. 

In Program Classes

All PlayThrive students are offered Kung-Fu classes. These classes are included in the tuition. No additional fees are required.

Enrichment Classes

PlayThrive also offers Abacus, Music and Motion, Chinese Dance & Gymnastics, and Lion Dance classes at various times during the school year for an additional fee. Families are invited to sign up via email when the class schedules and details are confirmed.

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