We welcome students from area schools to attend our after school program. At this time, we do not provide transportation, but we can help facilitate connecting you with other parents at your school to make group arrangements for transportation. Here are some suggested methods:

Walk: If your student attends school nearby, try walking to get exercise and reduce traffic pollution. Safe Routes to School is a district resource for information and walking route maps (John Gill Safe Routes Map). You can coordinate with other prospective students at your school and/or recruit a teacher or parent volunteer as a walking guide. Email for details.

Carpool: Coordinate with other prospective students at your school interested in carpooling. Email for details.

Ride Share Services: See below for a list of services offered in the Bay Area that specialize in after school transportation.

Public Transportation: For transportation to/from/within Redwood City, visit Connect, Redwood City!

Here is a list of ride share services offered in the Bay Area. (We are not affiliated with these organizations.)




Carpool World