How to Apply

PlayThrive provides Mandarin education with a whole-child approach so that our students learn how to become compassionate leaders and lifelong learners. Choosing a Mandarin education that suits your child is a big decision, and we hope that our admissions process gives you a sense of what you can expect with our Mandarin immersion program.

Get to know us with a trial class or virtual tour. Once you’re ready to apply to PlayThrive, please carefully review the application process below. For additional questions, please directly contact

On-Campus Program (Orion Campus)

All students on the Orion campus are eligible to attend

  1. Virtual tour sign-up required for new families . Current and previous PlayThrive families please contact for accessing the online application form.
  2. Online application opens on December 8th
    • First round of TK/K acceptance will be notified on February 28th and confirmed by March 7th
    • Non-refundable application fee: $75

Enrollment Priority

Priority is given to students who are 

  • Re-enrolling
  • Siblings of students enrolled at PlayThrive
  • Students in the Orion MI program
  • Attending full time (5 days a week) 
Application Schedule
Virtual tour 112/8/21
Online registration opens 3PM12/8/21
Virtual tour 21/12/22
Virtual tour 32/9/22
TK/K acceptance notification, round 12/28/22
TK/K family confirmation, round 13/7/22

At-Home Program (Online)

At-Home program on hold for the 2021-22 school year

  1. Schedule a trial class for the At-home program 
    • Trial Classes available on 2/2 to 2/4
    • 5 trial classes each day 3 – 5:30 pm depending on child’s age and Mandarin abilities.
  2. Apply online. Link available after the trial class.
  3. Meet the teaching team to discuss mutual expectations and goals to confirm child’s enrollment.  

At-Home Program Deadlines
Online registration opens (rolling)1/20/21
Schedule trial class 12/2/21
Schedule trial class 22/3/21
Schedule trial class 32/4/21

“As a full-time professional and single mom, it is of utmost importance that my child is being cared for without my presence, with an organization I trust, and with teachers I trust. PlayThrive has provided me with exactly that. Extending the Mandarin language, and being conveniently located on the same campus as the Mandarin Immersion program, I have received great peace of mind, as my child now is a 2nd grader, and is enrolled at PlayThrive for the 3rd year. The teachers from each year’s experience, have all shown exceptional care, and passion in what they do, as evidenced by the time, effort, heart, and creativity they put into the cultural events, project-based learning activities, routinely newsletters, and individual attention and care to the children.”

Melody, 2nd grade parent

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