We Believe

  • Children are scientists, artists and designers.  At PlayThrive School (游艺中文学校), children are encouraged to ask questions, explore answers, and find more questions.  Through this process of discovering the wonders of our world with bilingual and global perspectives, students grow to discover the wonders in themselves and others, and become compassionate leaders and lifelong learners.

Our Approach

  • We educate the whole child in a Mandarin Immersion environment via project based learning, social emotional learning, and explorative play. We use a student-centered approach where children are active participants in their own education and are self-motivated by their passions. Our Mandarin Education engages students to explore our world with focuses on nature, science, art and Chinese culture while increasing language proficiency to target Hanban YCT levels.  We facilitate children to use their innate sense of wonder to explore and to create.  We help students use the Mandarin language as a tool to engage in activities, construct knowledge, ask questions, describe progress, and present projects. 

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