Happy New Year!

It has been a wonderful back-to-school week! All the kids are energetic, joyful and ready to learn more!

Mandarin learning this week:

This week’s theme is 新年愿望 New Year’s Resolutions, the kids shared their happy moments in the holiday and the presents they have got. They also made their wishes about the year of 2021!

  • My new year’s resolutions are: play more piano, read more books, play with my little brother, and receive a lot of presents!
  • I want to make paper space ships!
  • I want to go to Hawaii again and I want a cat as a pet.
  • I want a lot of presents!
  • I will draw a beautiful flower, look at the stars, and memorize bike routes.

Mandarin Vocabulary:  新年,愿望,冬天,下雨,礼物

Activity Vocabulary: 圣诞节你收到什么礼物?我喜欢礼物,我的新年愿望是xxx,纸船,水洼,眼睛,鼻子,嘴巴,耳朵,头发,手,脚,胳膊,腿,读书,画画,创作,拼图,玩具, 游戏,跳绳

Everyday Vocabulary: 早上好/洗手/搓一搓/量体温/戴口罩/拿出来/耳机摘下来/关掉/擦桌子/吃点心/吃午饭/ 数学课/中文课/数学功课/中文功课/英文功课/彩色铅笔/橡皮/胶棒/剪刀/画画/看书/出去玩/我准备好了/眼睛眼睛看老师/耳朵耳朵听老师/ 谢谢/再见/举手/慢慢走/水杯/涂防晒/放桌子上/地上/安静/收拾回家

You can review Mandarin Vocabulary with your child at home through the following link to Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_99fwf1?x=1jqt&i=2zwusu

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