Celebrating Halloween at PlayThrive!

         Every year at Halloween, PlayThrive students get the chance to celebrate and show off the final products that they have been working on over the past several weeks. Teachers create a haunted house so that all students could present their works, from simple machines built by upper graders, to basic physics experiments from 2nd graders, and to biology facts of common insects from 1st graders. Our TK and K students even showed their creative flair and presented their personal pumpkins. We are so proud of every PlayThrive student, and excited to celebrate their achievements with a fun and festive Halloween party! 

The outdoor booths that students hosted were as popular as the haunted house. We had Sweep pumpkins, Face painting, Temporary tattoos, and the Scary Box. And at the end of the party, we had the most exciting part—Trick or Treat! 

A Huge thanks to all of our haunted house helpers from 2nd grade and our upper-grade class. Their incredible efforts made this fun event possible.

And of course we couldn’t have had any of this festive Halloween joy without our amazing teachers, who’ve spent the past weeks helping students complete their projects and pitching in to create all sorts of fun surprises!

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