Making Comic Books!

For the final project before our winter break, students worked on creating their own comic books to share. They worked in teams to write the stories, draw the characters and scenes, and put them together in a book to present to their friends at a special book shop event. It was amazing to see how well they worked together, taking on different parts of the process and planning together. You could really see the pride they took in their achievements when presenting their finished creations. Great job, everyone!

We really appreciate all the incredible work they’ve done this year and we’re excited to see what they’ll create next.

Mandarin Vocabulary 

  • 漫画 – Manga, comics
  • 介绍 – Introduce, present
  • 故事 – Story
  • 图画 – Picture, drawing
  • 目录 – Table of contents
  • 有趣 – Interesting, amusing
  • 封面 – Book cover
  • 作者 – Author
  • 人物 – Characters

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